Vyju Narendra, CPA

Founder Accountit – Accounting, Tax & CPA Advisory

Vyju Narendra is a trusted CPA with roots in the coffee-growing regions of Southern India. Drawing inspiration from the sun, sea, and sands of Miami, she is the founder of Accountit, a CPA firm in Weston, where she oversees tax, accounting, and advisory services.

Her professional journey began in 2000 as a distinguished tax professional at the renowned public accounting firms in the USA, Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra (MBAF) and later at BDO USA, LLP. In her role as a Tax and Accounting Advisor, Vyju adeptly oversaw accounting and tax compliance for high-net-worth individuals, athletes, entertainers, and a diverse range of small to medium-sized businesses, spanning from a celebrity champagne company to retail stores and restaurants.

With her expertise in reviewing financial reports, business processes and tax returns, she played a pivotal role in multimillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions. Further, Vyju’s global financial acumen extends to crafting accounting processes for business in different geographical locations and understanding multi-currency operations.

Previously, Vyju worked as the CFO of a South Florida local business, Designer Eyes, where she spearheaded a transformative turnaround, elevating the company into a multi-million-dollar success story.

In addition to being a CPA, Vyju’s impact resonates in community service as a part-time volunteer and committee member for local schools. Vyju exemplifies a multifaceted approach to success, transcending the title of a CPA to become a financial leader, strategic thinker, and community advocate.