The Weston Chamber of Commerce Connect Membership Lunch takes place every month and is attended by members of the Chamber and leaders from the community. During each lunch, leaders from the business world and the community come together to forge connections and enhance their professional networks. Additionally, this gathering serves as a platform to keep our members up-to-date with recent developments and activities within the Chamber.

This week, the Connect Lunch sponsor was Nikki Hanna Real Estate Group.

The real estate group talked about the emerging trends in the market.

Vyju Narendra, CPA and founder of Accountit, a CPA firm owned and operated by women spoke and introduced her company. During her introduction to the distinguished members of our group, Vyju shed light on the ongoing tax season and reminded everyone of the upcoming tax deadline on April 15th. Additionally, she expressed her pride in being an active member of our community and her commitment to supporting entrepreneurship.

Vyju Narendra Intro